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Venture Capital for Startups and Small Companies

An experienced entrepreneur and businessman from Colorado, John McKowen is the former founder and chairman of Two Rivers Water and Farming. He is currently the CEO of VetaNova, where he provides clients with greenhouse facilities. John McKowen also has experience in venture capital investments.

Venture capital is a type of private equity investment which investors typically offer small or startup companies. With this investment, investors look to help companies with great potential grow and develop as they can provide above-average returns. Venture capital can come from various sources such as investment banks, financial institutions, and private investors. What is excellent about venture capital is that startups that cannot obtain capital markets or bank loans can access it and improve their services. That can help smaller companies raise funds easier and continue their growth and evolution.

All those benefits have contributed to the growing popularity of venture capital among startups and small firms. Venture capital can also be provided in the form of services and professional expertise. Investors typically get equity in exchange for their investment.


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