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preLaw Recognizes the Sturm College of Law in Its 2020 Rankings

John McKowen, a Colorado businessman, is CEO of VetaNova Inc, also based in Denver. Before he began his career in business, John McKowen recognized the importance of law in business and attended business classes at night for two years at the University of Denver Sturm College of Law.

Last year, the Sturm College of Law was given a number of accolades by the ranking service in the magazine preLaw. The publication recognizes stellar law programs that have demonstrated that they provide students with exemplary course offerings and programs, and 2020 was a year when the law program consistently performed well in eight areas.

In the Fall 2020 edition of preLaw, the Sturm College of Law earned an A+ grade for their Business Law program. John McKowen credits the Sturm College of Law night school program for giving him a head start in a very critical part of a business education.


The Importance of Early-Stage Startup Funding

An experienced senior executive and venture capitalist, John McKowen has coordinated early-stage funding for a number of startup companies that have gone public and appeared on stock market listings. Earlier in his career, John McKowen supplied startup capital to the oil and gas company BPZ Energy, which had a $1 billion valuation on the NYSE.

Typically, entrepreneurs seek funding from venture capitalists, accelerators, and angel investors for startups that are in their early stages. The following are some key areas in which early-stage funding can prove crucial:

1. Product development

In the early stages, companies are generally finalizing their products. Funding can help them to prepare for a product launch.

2. Creation of a team

Early-stage funding can prove crucial in enabling companies to hire the right employees. In particular, they may seek employees who share their brand’s vision, maintain a strong work ethic, and possess experience in working with customers.

3. Strategize Ways to Acquire Customers

Companies want to ensure that their products align with customers’ needs and expectations. Funding can support their efforts to gather market data. As a result, they will be able to better market their products.