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Building a Public Company from Ground Up

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Venture capitalist John McKowen provided start-up capital to an internet development company in 1997 that grew from its initial conceptual stage to a billion-dollar market Cap on The NASDAQ National Market. In 2006, Mr. McKowen provided the start-up capital for an oil & gas exploration company operating in Peru. The company grew from concept to a billion dollar market cap on the NYSE.

An alumnus of the Metropolitan State University of Denver, John McKowen is currently the CEO of VetaNova, Inc. The company is in the business of building and operating solar powered, carbon negative, AI controlled greenhouses that grow farm-fresh fruits and vegetables for local delivery to grocery stores and restaurants along the Front Range of Colorado.

Aside from being pollution-free, solar power require little maintenance as solar panels can last for as long as two decades. Contrary to general belief, solar panels are not entirely useless in colder climates. Modern solar panels can still generate solar power in areas with lesser exposure to sunlight. Therefore, anywhere there is daylight, solar panels will work.